Tuesday, July 10, 2007

L'angelo della finestra d'oriente

Hello there! I am back on the run. Sorry for taking so long but I was busy with some side projects and you know what it´s like. Here´s my brother´s shortfilm he did combining his stunning sound design to some of my work. The result is very evocative.I will post the single designs later in the blog.Check this out...


Balkandude said...

Very nice Experimant Dude! I like it.

Eric Desideriu said...

Great environments, very good work:) can´t wait to see them as artwork files in the blog, hurry up.

Mike said...

Troppo belli sti scorci!
darò un'occhiata più spesso, posso linkarti?

Vlad said...

Hi Valerio,
I hope that my ping finds you well. I am a rookie script writer and blogger impressed by
"L'angelo della finestra d'oriente", for what it is in itself but also because I wanted to do the same with Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "The Faith of Wei Sheng"
short novel. The script and the Poetry in Film blog are in ithinkiam.club. Would you mind having a look at them? You may find there a trilogy in progress with two adaptations from Umberto Eco. Thank you, Vlad.